Monday, February 8, 2010

Feb 8: Heart Afghan Square (Love) - COMPLETED

Pattern #39: Heart Afghan Square

This pattern is just too cute. This was designed by Crochet 'N' More and I absolutely adore it! How perfect would this be for a baby blanket. I'm envisioning a pale pink heart with the white background. They measure 4.5" square, so if I made it 6 squares by 8 squares, it would measure 27" by 36". That seems about right. That means I need to make 48 squares! Wow. Well, it would be worth it for someone special! A labor of love, for someone I love.

I finished my first 6 squares. So I am going to call this completed, officially, even though I plan to make a whole blanket!  Check out my post on the completed blanket here.

How cute is this? (Okay, so I just realized this one is a bit wonky - the rest aren't as weird down at the bottom of the heart)

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