Saturday, April 13, 2013

Coffee Cup Cozy Pattern

I started making these coffee cozies a few weeks ago.  I was going to use someone else's pattern, but just could not find exactly what I wanted.  I designed this after my french press cozy pattern.  I am really happy with how this turned out, and I hope you have the same results.

Pretty gorgeous, right? I have given these as gifts and people seem to really love them. I have sent them simple (below) or adorned (above). Men prefer the simple way, but I just love the cute adornments! I have crocheted both stars and flowers and attached them. Lovely, I say. Then again, the simple looks fabulous too!

Please feel free to use this pattern for personal or small scale sales use.  Just don't go mass producing these in a sweatshop. I would appreciate it if you linked back to my pattern if you sell a finished product online. If you sell it at a craft fair, no linkback is necessary. Enough of the small talk, here's what you really want... the pattern!

Coffee Cup Cozy
  • Small amount of yarn.  I like worsted weight, but you can just use whatever you have and adapt the pattern accordingly.
  • Size H Crochet Hook (I have also used G and I, like I said, the pattern is adaptable)
  • Yarn Needle
  • Flower Embellishment (I like using this pattern, but feel free to use whatever one you like, or none at all!) or Star Embellishment (pattern to come soon!)

Ch - Chain
SS - Slip Stitch
HDC - Half Double Crochet

Round 1: Chain 14
Round 2: skip first 2 Ch, HDC in each stitch across, Ch2  (12 hdc)
Rounds 3 - 22:  HDC in each stitch across, Ch2 (basically continue in the same manner until your piece is approximately 8" when laid flat). On the last round, skip the Ch2 and Fasten Off.
Finishing: Lay the coffee cozy flat, lining up the first and last row.  SS in both rows to seam together.

Flip right side out and attach embellishment.

Simple, right? And lovely! Go ahead and make one today! Pair it with a gift card to a local coffee shop and you will have an excellent birthday gift!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Doily, Hat, Flower, Hat

More finished projects (I told you I was busy!) I still have five or six projects to share, but hopefully this will tide you over! As always, the links will take you to my original post with more information (and the link to the pattern). I always feel so accomplished when I share these posts with you all. It means I completed the project AND updated the original post (and page and Ravelry)... so it's like a huge check off of a list! :)

October 7: Comet's Tail Doily

August 6:  Granny Square Hat

January 2: Rosettes

January 16: Newborn Newsie (I shared this one before, but I actually added my pictures this time!)

Thanks for letting me share my creativity with you. What have you been up to lately?

Completed Projects: Easter / Irish Edition

Another batch of finished projects is here! I didn't finish them all right now... I just took pictures and uploaded them right now. Heh. I try to finish one seasonal project each year. This year I made Peeps before Easter and the fun little leprechaun hat before St. Patrick's Day. I was actually on my A game this year and made them early enough to enjoy them during the season!

February 17: Peeps (half eaten by the puppy!)

August 29: Adirondack Cap

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

As I have mentioned in years past, I love St. Paddy's Day. We get together with the same couple every year and do something fun to celebrate. This year started off extra special, as I won this scarf from Crafty Holly Louise.

How cute is this?  Holly's stitches are totally even and gorgeous, and I just adore the white flower that she put on it.

I seriously love it (and I'm not really a cowl person). If you want one, or something similar, feel free to check out her shop!

Also, we celebrated with Guinness Floats & Mint Swirled cookies with our dear friends, Kev and Linds. It was nothing compared to last year's feast of corned beef, cabbage, and Guinness & Bailey's cupcakes; but it was fun. And that's what counts. If you want the recipe for the cookies, check it out on FireWifey [and just FYI they are gluten free :) ]

Do you have St. Patrick's Day traditions? What about Easter, since, ya know, that has also happened since then? :)