Friday, February 5, 2010

Feb 5: Coffee Cup - COMPLETED

Pattern #36: Coffee Cup

Hannah, over at Bittersweet, has an amazing collection of crochet patterns as well as recipes. She's a vegan and makes it look absolutely delightful! I have sent my mom her way a few times, as she is learning to cook vegan for a special member of their ukelele group. If that isn't the most random sentence, I don't know what is! And apparently my proper English has gone by the wayside today. My apologies! Anywho, I found this cute little coffee cup pattern over there, how adorable is it? I think I am going to put a few beans inside, to make it smell AMAZING!


Updated August 22, 2013: I found this in my craft room and realized that I never blogged about it. I think I finished it a year or two ago. Maybe even during the first year (2010), probably before I had really come up with my system for posting finished products. Whoops! I can tell it is old because of the quality. I overstuffed it and the handle is all wonky. Oh well. It is done for now, and I didn't even put the coffee beans in it!!


  1. Cute idea to put coffee beans inside. Super cute! And yes...that was a funny vegan sentence.

  2. haha thanks! I'm thinking it will smell delightful!


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