Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Feb 2: Cupcake Hat - COMPLETED

Pattern #33: Cupcake Hat

I was thinking about what random / miscellaneous things I could find to crochet, and it came to me: a cupcake hat! Thankfully, Teresa had posted this on Ravelry the day before. I quickly got to work. Currently I am still working on this (the special order baby blanket it taking a huge chunk of time!), but I love it so far! And make sure you check out the rest of Teresa's blog. She has tons of awesome patterns and videos (if you are new to crocheting, definitely watch her videos)!

I finished this one on March 5, 2010. It is not the most amazing project that I did, but it's cute. The hat is a bit too long though, and too narrow for my head. Maybe I will give it away. Or sell it. Here is my picture:

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  1. Teresa taught me to crochet...not that she knows this...LOL. I watched her youtube videos. She is so helpful!!! Thanks for giving her a shout out!


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