Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feb 25: Pears (Food) - COMPLETED

Pattern #56: Pears

It is time for a healthy food item, right? Well I think pears are pretty dang healthy - and tasty too! These would be fun to add to a crocheted fruit basket or something. Now I just need to find patterns for the rest of the fruits! This pattern was created by crochetroo. I suggest you wander around her blog, as she has some other beautiful patterns too!


Updated 10/3/2011:  I actually changed this pattern, because Planet June had a Crochet Along for her pear pattern.  I wanted to be in on the fun, so I used her pattern instead.  Find it here.  And here are a few pictures of mine...

Lastly, as I picked out a set of coasters for a friend's weeding gift, I thought my pear would look perfect on the perfect pear coaster! haha

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