Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Feelin the Love

I've made it my goal to complete a TON of crochet project this year. I am trying to crochet projects before the holiday arrives, and I managed to succeed with Valentine's Day! (I also have some post-Christmas projects that I haven't blogged, so that will be fun later lol).
First up, the Love Bunny. The pattern suggested two, and it really was easy enough that I could have done it, but this guy is flying solo. He's off to my secret sister in my fire wife group. Adorable, right? Also, I realized that I overprocessed the photo and you can't see the stitch definition. Fail. Click on over to the original post for better pictures.
Next up is the Heart Potholder. I have never crocheted a potholder before, and I am still a bit wary to use this guy. But it's thick. So that's promising, right?
Lastly, want to see what it looks like when I try to take a picture? Complete chaos behind the scenes! (also, don't be like me and take pictures at 10 pm. Take them with natural light. Unless you have a day job and forget on weekends. Then you are stuck with 10 pm pictures).

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fall Finishes

I finished up a bunch of projects this fall and completely forgot to blog about them!

Here's to starting 2014 off right and finishing things. And we shall see if I actually complete this whole Crochet Every Day challenge this year. It's possible, but a long shot!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Giraffe & Snowman

Good Afternoon! I've been busy crocheting lately. That Flowers in the Snow blanket is coming along quite nicely. Granted, it has been put aside for the moment in the name of gifts to be created, but really, it is quite beautiful!

I made this adorable little giraffe awhile back. There was no real reason other than I thought the pattern was cute and I wanted to use up scraps (the blanket wasn't using them up as fast as I thought). Unsurprisingly this did not use up many of the scraps either. Still, I love this guy and am totally saving him for a future child. This one won't be a gift.
It already looks at home on the couch, with the fleece blanket, quilt, and afghan! I am a woman of many talents (although the quilt was totally made for me, I am not that talented)!

Lastly, I whipped up this snowman ornament in an afternoon. It was a CED project (November 30) and became a gift for a fire wife sister. Fun. Right?

Thursday, December 12, 2013


So I bought this adorable headband / ear muff thing from my friend the other day. I wasn't sure I could pull it off, but I was told that I can. You can't see it in the picture, but it has a fun crocheted flower stitched onto it. Yay! Then I remembered that I had some crochet headbands to make from my challenge. That's why I have been on a crochet headband kick lately...

Ten minutes made this adorable gray headband (Elizabeth), and I sewed elastic to the back so I didn't have to tie it. Perfect!! A bunch of friends fell in love with it, so I made more to give away!

The next headband was Laura's headband. I was going to do the elastic on this as well, but ended up using the crochet chain back. To see it worn a different way, check the original post.
Last up is this ear muff from Ashton. This is the second pattern that she gave me to review. I love how it turned out, even if the edges curl in a bit when I'm not wearing it (that may also be because I made it a little differently than her pattern). You should definitely check out more of her patterns on her Website, Etsy, or Ravelry. The baby booty patterns that she has are just adorable!

I think what I love most about this hat is how versatile it is. First off, it's reversible, so that already gives you two options. It's also designed to look knit, which I think is fun. I have a pink flower to put on it, but haven't attached it to a clip yet, and don't want to sew it on (because that ruins the reversibleness! duh)!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Woodsy Shower Gift & Pattern Review

I love to put together a bunch of gifts to go with a theme for my friend's children. This kiddo's parents are country to the core (John Deere and antlers and all), so I went all country on the gift. I gave them a combination of purchased, sewn, and crocheted items. The boots are camo + suede. So stinkin cute.

I love how it is a random combination of things, but still sort of flows. I still cannot decide which part is my favorite!

I do love the owl hat though. They are all the rage right now. I made one for another friend's daughter as well. The pattern is from Repeat Crafter Me. I LOVE her patterns. So many good ones! I'm making her reindeer hat soon for my cousin. So fun.

The cross strap slipper pattern is a new one for me. It was given to me by Ashton Leven to share on my blog. The slippers were so cute and the mom to be LOVED them! The pattern was easy to follow, although I had to go up a hook size or two as my crocheting is so tight!

You can find this slipper and many other gorgeous patterns on Ravelry and Etsy. She has lots of baby shoes, boots, and hats. I'm currently working on her reversible knit look headband. It's gorgeous (post to come)!

[I was given this pattern for free from Asthon Leven to review on my blog, but all opinions are my own.]

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Scraps and Hats

I've been working on a few scrap projects! I finished up a giraffe (post to come), but still have a long way to go with my Flowers in the Snow blanket. All of the small circles are done and a bunch if rounds two and three are done I have at least one final row in place too. It's rather annoying having all of this scrap yarn out though!!

I also made these cute minion beanies for a coworker!!

And I'm working on this Starry Starry Night blanket. I started it awhile back and think it's just the cutest. 

Lastly, my friend sent me a pic of the dino hat being worn. Adorable!!

What are you up to?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tasty Treats

I finished some of my projects last month. I absolutely love finishing things up, and posting here is like the final check on my to do list. I still have so many projects left to complete to finish up my challenge, but I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Will I finish by 2014? Probably not, but I will get everything made eventually! Click on the link for more project info and the pattern.
Below: Coffee Cup (Feb 5), Sushi / Cupcake (Dec 28), Donut (July 18)
This Frosted Donut (Feb 24) is seriously adorable. I just love it!
Lastly, another shot of the Bakewell Tart (Feb 23). I used a Gatorade bottle bottom inside the base, so it is actually pretty sturdy! So fun! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Babies, Blankets, Pets & More

I love seeing people use the things that I make for them. Seriously, it brings me such great joy. I finished up this Hexagon Blanket in June and was not sure who it was intended for. When my friend Bobbi received her daughter last week, I just knew the blanket was for her. I have seen a few pictures of her laying on it, and I LOVE it. Totally makes my heart happy!
Little Rylee is the sweetest thing ever. I was privileged enough to visit her twice already, including at her Meet & Greet yesterday. I love holding little ones, and cannot wait for the day when I have my own in my arms!
When Kai is in the house, the kitties pretty much stay up on the couch / away from her. They are usually out during the day, so I don't feel bad about this. However when Kai is outside, they think they rule the house again. Here is Halvsies in my craft room, he found the perfect spot! haha
This picture is two months old, but I still cannot believe Kai was ever so tiny!
Lastly, any guesses as to what I am making with these pom poms??

Monday, September 9, 2013

Anniversary Trip

In March, Matthew and I took a trip for our anniversary. We wandered around the central coast and just enjoyed quality time together. It is so hard to believe that we already hit 5 years! Anyways, I made a fun Shutterfly album, and they made it easy to embed into a blog. Enjoy!

Click here to view this photo book larger
Shutterfly photo books offer a wide range of artful designs and embellishments to choose from.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Baby Animal Hats

One of my friends is having a baby in a few short weeks. She asked if I could make this Dino set for his Halloween costume. Of course I can! He will be about a month and a half old when Halloween rolls around, so I tried to size it accordingly.

I love how cute this little Dino set is!! I do not have a little one to test it out on, but hopefully it will fit her little guy well!

I chose primary colors, and I think they go really well with the gray. I searched ravelry and pinterest for ideas, and this is what I decided to go with.

I also made this cute little froggy hat, to check things off my list. A friend came over the day after I made it, wanting to buy a gift for a friends baby. She loved the froggy hat and I am so glad it has a new home!

I am also loving the idea of using a wine glass to hold beanies for pics. I saw it on Pinterest. Genius! 

What have you been crocheting lately?