Monday, December 10, 2012

August Photo Dump

It's that time again -- Instagram photo dump! These are from August. I know. It's late. Oh well. Deal with it. :) Life has been crazy busy -- and it's just going to stay that way since we got a new puppy!

L: My day job    R: Matt & his newly engaged sis
L: Me with the fiances    R: Matt and his soon-to-be Bro in law
L: Carrot Lemonade    R: Matt & I at the local Brewery
L: Matt's artwork on our laundry door   R: Me with Halvsies at the Vet
L: Trying to put a warm compress on the cat    R: A little light reading
L: Paleo Zucchini Pasta      R: Canning Day with Bobbi
L: Pinterest stove cleaning trick     R: Matt grillin up a storm!
L: Coffee after a great day at work!     R: Matt working out
Lastly, Halvsies was getting crazy with my yarn.
Hopefully you enjoyed my photo roundup from August. I'm trying to get better at staying up to date, but I make no promises!