Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feb 23: Bakewell Tart - COMPLETED

Pattern #54: Bakewell Tart

I think I have a thing for desserts! haha I found this on a random blog a few months ago and just loved how cute it was! She (actually I guess it could be a he, the blog doesn't give much author info!) knit some cute little kittens, and then these tarts to go along with them. Scroll down in the blog post to see the pattern. I can't wait to make these adorable treats!


Updated August 21, 2013: I made it a goal to complete a bunch of little projects one night last week. This was one of them. It maybe took an hour. So fun and so cute!! Plus, it used up some extra yarn that I had lying around. I used a mini Gatorade bottle for the inside of the base, so it's actually pretty firm!

I left the top of the tart rather flat. I like it that way! I just saw some cute versions with red heart buttons on Ravelry though -- adorable!!

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