Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feb 10: Heart Pin (Love) - COMPLETED

Pattern # 41: Heart Pin

This lovely pattern is from Suzetta, over at Suzie's Stuff. I found this link while searching for another pattern - which you will see on Saturday! Anywho, I realized these little hearts are SUPER easy to make, and super cute! I made a few of the medium & small ones and have not decided exactly what to do with them. Well, many will go into Saturday's project - but not all. I think I am going to attach one of the little ones to a pin and then put it on my purse, or my black jacket. How cute are these?

This is actually that Butterfly beanie, from back in January, but I added the heart just to see what it would look like -- very cute! I am going to make another little beanie and adorn it with a heart. I really hope baby Atwood is a girl, because I want to shower that kid with gifts!

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