Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feb 7: Box of Chocolates (Love)

Pattern #38: Box of Chocolates

It's Love week over here at Crochet Every Day. Then again, it's Love week on my other blog as well. Love is in the air and all over the blogosphere! I wanted to kick this week off with this pattern from Coats & Clark. It is a project that I labeled, many months ago, as "crochet, candy, hard." That is what I really thought, "this project will be so difficult and I will never be able to do it." However, once I looked at the pattern, I realized it is a bunch of easy stitches, it just look super hard. If only I had looked closely at the pattern before, and not been so easily overwhelmed. But honestly, won't this be the cutest Valentine's Day decoration, once I finish?
Picture from Coats & Clark / Red Heart:

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  1. You know what's nice about these chocolates? No calories:)


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