Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feb 17: Peeps - COMPLETED

Pattern #48: Angel Wings Pinafore

This cute little pattern is from Bev's Country Cottage. I just love the way this little dress looks. I can already imagine it on an adorable baby girl. I can't wait to crochet this!

Updated April 12, 2013:
Sometimes I am moronic. Sometimes (okay twice so far) I post the same pattern twice. This time, at least, the pattern had two different names. But upon inspection, it was most definitely the same pattern. The "Angel Wings Pinafore" was definitely the same pattern (and url) as the "Blue Pinafore with Ruffles." Sigh. The only perk -- It left me room for a pattern that I have found since 2010. I mean sure, I have crocheted many other things than the projects listed here; but I feel better when I crochet the things on my list. Because it means I can check something off the list! So I leave you with:

Pattern #48:  Peeps!

These things are so stinkin adorable. I think my puppy thinks they are realistic -- she got her little teeth into three of them! Sigh. I haven't decided what to do to fix them yet, so I threw them back into the Easter decor box. I'll deal with that problem next year...

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