Monday, February 28, 2011

Busy Weekend

This weekend I was able to accomplish A LOT!  I crocheted 6 beanies, finished up that doily, and managed to clean our toilets! haha I did other things too, but I wanted to share pictures of the beanies!  I am going to list them on my etsy soon, and hopefully get a permanent link up over here!  Two of the beanies were already started and I just needed to do a bit to finish them up (the pumpkin beanie was done except for the stem, and the boy camo beanie was about halfway done).  I am LOVING the Best Baby Cloche pattern from Aesthetic Nest, and Sugar N Cream yarn for cheap with Michael's coupons!

August 4: Best Baby Cloche

All the beanies:

What I'm working on now(baby blanket and another doily).

The picture is sideways, and I don't know why.  It was hard enough to fix the others, so this wil just have to do!  And yes, I am sure you are wondering where the picture of my finished easy doily is.  Well, I haven't gotten a good picture (or any, let's be honest) of it yet... so you just have to keep waiting!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Currently Crocheting: Doily

I have been working on this "Easy Doily" since October.  It is easy, but it is just taking FOREVER!  I have one and a half rows left, so I hope to finish it today!

Also, check out the cute button & flower cabuchon ring that I made!  I LOVE it!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Inspiration: Sue Sylvester

When I found this Sue doll over on Craft is Cool, I knew I had to share it with you guys!  It combines two things I love:  Glee and crochet!  Check her out:

Allison makes some super amazing things, I am constantly in awe of the celebs she recreates!  I am sharing her image with you all.  Happy Thursday!

Friday, February 18, 2011


As you all know by now, I am working on some advertising for my shop, remember my banner?  Well I ordered some business cards (etsy had them for free for their sellers) and printed some return address labels, so I just need your orders to start flowing in!

As you can see, my mad skills are growing! haha

Free business cards!
I am so excited to have this stuff.  I'm even more excited for my planning / logo designing meeting with my hubs tonight!

Scarf in the Snow

Whenever I say "in the snow," I think, "en der Schnee."  That's German.  I guess some things from my stint in Austria stuck with me! haha  A few weeks ago I did a photoshoot for my friend.  At the end, I asked her to take a few pictures of me in the fabulous new jacket she brought (which I subsequently bought from her and took home, it was $10 from Goodwill) and a scarf [Jan 4: Starter Scarf] that I made last year.  You can barely see the scarf, but it is much better than the pics from before.  Here are a few pictures from our fun day!  Major thanks to Lauriana at Fortuna Photography for these photos!

And here are a few of the pictures that were the reason we went... a snowy bridal shoot!!

 All photos by Lauriana Fortuna for Fortuna Photography.  And yes, you will find random photos of me throughout her website!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another Hat

I actually crocheted this hat back in August, but did not get a picture until today!  Matt was wearing the hat this morning, and I just grabbed my camera to get a few shots!  I like how it turned out.  I definitely recommend Laurie's patterns from Big Girl Jewelry (etsy or ravelry) for any crochet project.  They are super easy to understand and always turn out looking fantastic, just like my husband!  haha  This was his 2010 Christmas hat, but he did get it early (in September).

[no, she does not pay me to endorse her business, but she has provided me with the patterns :)  Any and all views are my own.]

Lion Brand Beginner Patterns

I met up with my friend Bobbi the other day to help her learn to crochet [check out her post about it].  I really don't see myself as able to teach, but it went alright.  I prepared myself by printing out some patterns to go with the yarn I had.  Ready to see my round up of easy but cute Lion Brand patterns for beginners?  They are all with either Homespun or Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, because that is what I  had extra of...

Family of Beanies hat with Thick & Quick. (I think this is the one she chose)

Crochet Newsboy Hat with Thick & Quick

 Windy City Wristers with Homespun

The Belle Scarf with Homespun

True Blue Crocheted Cowl with Thick & Quick.

Spring Fling Crocheted Hat with Thick & Quick

Wharton Wristers with Thick & Quick.

Autumn Crocheted Harvest Hat with Thick & Quick

How do you guys approach teaching crocheting?  And have you made any of these patterns?  Will you?  Also, I just learned about the "paste image by url " feature... I could have saved so much room in my photo folder if I had done that for all of my patterns last year.  Sigh.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Iron Craft 7: GOLD

When I saw the challenge of gold I was at a complete loss.  What the heck am I going to make that is gold?  I mean, I am more of a silver (or white gold) girl.  But to craft gold... no idea! haha  Then I remembered the pattern for March 16, Pot O Gold.  Instead of buying plastic gold coins, I could crochet them!  I used gold super saver yarn (it's gold, not yellow, I swear!) and gold crochet thread.  So fun and sparkly!  And now I am ready for St Patrick's Day!

I am pretty sure the leprechauns had some whisky before moving this pot of gold to it's hiding place... that is why it has a few dents and dings!

At least, that leprechaun story is what I am telling myself!

Here's to all things Gold (and the Midas Touch that inspired us all)!

Here are a few pictures from our previous St Patrick's Day escapades, first 2008 and then 2010.  This year will be our fifth year (at least) of celebrating St Patricks Day together!  We do love these two!

About a week after our honeymoon... green beer with good friends!
Their first St Patrick's day as husband and wife!  :)

I just love this picture... can you tell that Matt is patronizing me? hahaha (check out Halvsies!)

Much better!

Monday, February 14, 2011

2 Hats, a blanket, and a bag!

Hello!  This weekend I was able to get away to a house in the desert with my parents.  It was super relaxing, and we spent most of our time relaxing by the pool in the backyard.  I was also able to finish up some crochet projects.  Yay!  For more info on each project (like the yarn I used and any changes to the pattern), just click on the link to the original post.  I often post more pictures on the original post as well!  Can you tell that I took each of these pictures, sitting on the couch, late last night?? hahaha

Jan 13:  Durango + Robin's Egg Blue Hat (one for me and one for Jen D.)

December 24:  Gingham Blanket (for baby Alina)

June 12:  Fresh Produce Bag (for all of my current crochet projects on the go!)

I finished up another project, but it is for an Iron Craft Challenge, so it gets its own post!