Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fall Finished Projects

Fall finishes. I finished up these three fall inspired projects this month. So very fun and festive -- and I finished before the actual holidays! Woo hoo!

October 27:  American Girl Pumpkin Costume

Oct 10 - 15: Cornucopia Series (this includes the cornucopia, apple, squash, eggplantcorn, and pumpkin). I made these over a few nights of Matt working 24s. I love quick and simple, yet very cute, projects!

Nov 22: Tom Turkey. This little guy is adorable. He makes a great addition to my fall decor!

What are you working on right now? I currently have a couple of blankets and a beanie to finish up!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Finished projects!

I have finished a few projects, but had to hold off on sharing them because they were gifts that had not yet been given. It is now a few weeks after the shower, so I guess I can share them!

May 30: Blue Ruffles Pinafore

February 16: Pond Friend Stacking Toys

October 18:  All Shawl

As always, you can click on the link for more information about the project, and a link to the pattern!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Matthew and I worked hard on our garden this past summer. It was something we enjoyed doing together. And not TOO expensive. Sadly, we have let the weeds grow a bit, but I know our lovely plants will do well after we take some time to tend to them again. I took a bunch of pictures over the few weeks that we spent really tending to the yard -- here are some of them!

We grew these. I'm still in awe!

Not necessarily my garden, but this is how I save some of the herbs that I have grown. Basically, you freeze them in oil, water, or butter, and then you can just pull out whenever you need "fresh" herbs. It's great for having real herbs during winter months. I shared the step by step process at NewlyWife.

Totally unrelated, my friend sent me this adorable picture of her son with the blanket that I made for him. How precious, right?!