Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feb 18: Baby Mary Janes - COMPLETED

Pattern #49: Baby Mary Jane Slippers

We are now halfway through baby week! Crazy! Time is flying. Do you remember that Cupcake Hat pattern from early February? This pattern is by the same Teresa over at Learn to Crochet. I love her patterns, and that she lets you sell the final products - how awesome is she? And I just love this baby shoe pattern. They are so stinking adorable, and I bet I could make them in about an hour or two.
Updated April 10, 2012: Oh my word. These shoes are stinkin adorable. I made them in less than two episodes of Hart of Dixie... so I assume they took one hour, start to finish (including sewing on buttons). I took a few pictures with Instagram, but it was late so the lighting stinks -- hoepfully I will get better ones soon! I love the buttons though. They are a super cute blackish blue with sparkles.

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