Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feb 14: Snug Booties (Baby) - COMPLETED

Pattern #45: Snug Boots

Happy Valentine's Day! And welcome to Baby Week. I love making things for people when they are going to have a baby. I mean, babies are cute, and all baby things are cute. So it is a major win - win situation. I made these boots a few weeks ago for a friend who just had a baby. Baby Ezra, actually. But they ended up being pretty small - they fit perfectly on an American Girl doll! haha I am going to try and make these with a larger hook, so that they will fit a baby! I improvised and made a larger pair (5.5" long) for a friend, but forgot to take a picture! If I can perfect this pattern, for my tight stitching, I will post a new picture. For now, here are my American Girl Uggs (as I now call them!)

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