Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 31: Candy Corn - COMPLETED

Pattern # 304:  Candy Corn

Happy Halloween!  Today's pattern is one of my favorites from Halloween week (or week and a half -- more patterns this week!)  These candy corn just look like you could eat them!

Today is the last day to link up your pumpkin picture and enter the giveaway (you have until midnight)!  And don't forget, you can always email me a picture if you don't have a blog! 


Updated 9/29/2011:  I made a few candy corns, and how cute are they?  I love the way they turned out.  I actually thought the larger size was a little too big, so I decreased rows and changed colors earlier on the smaller two.  Cute little things these are!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

October 30: Monster Finger Chapstick Holder -- COMPLETED

Pattern # 303:  Monster Finger Chapstick Holder

Halloween is only a day away, and I don't know about you, but I needed something ghoulish today!  I found these monster finger chapstick holders, and they fit the bill.  Will you rock this?  And I love Girl on the Rock's web image thingie -- a tiny ball of yarn with knitting needles!  So cute!

Tomorrow is the last day to enter the Pumpkin CAL giveaway, go ahead... link up!


Updated October 20, 2013: I love finishing projects. Even if they are random and you don't quite know what to do with them. This is one such example. Although I did get a good laugh when Matt asked for chapstick and I handed him this. My biggest problem is that it somehow look rather phallic to me. Hopefully that's just me!


Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Beanie

I made a beanie for my friend, well actually it was for her son, after she saw the pattern on my blog.  She loved it so much that she ordered a second one for his little friend.  She showed him off at church and a few more orders have come in.  I am so greatful for Jess and her precious baby boy for spreading the love!

Here are a few finished pictures of the beanie.  I am definitely going to make more for my shop.

And here is her little boy.  I know she values his privacy, so I chose only those pictures that do not show his face.  But you can still tell just how cute he is!

I love how her pictures turned out, so I wanted to share them with you!  Hope you are all having a fantastic day!

Note: These are based on the infant beanie pattern from Danyel Pink (

October 29: AG Kitty Cat Costume

Pattern # 302:  Kitty Cat Costume

Remember on Wednesday when I said I had another AG costume?  Here is is! Another fantastic pattern from Bizzy Crochet.

Only a few days left to link up your pumpkin to our little pumpkin patch!

Picture from Bizzy:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Finished Pumpkins!

I wanted to show off some of the pumpkins in our little pumpkin patch.

First we have Melody's.  This is my hometown friend who I think needs a blog.  She is cooking through Julia Child's cookbook and makes other yummy stuff.  She also sews and crochets gorgeous things.  She is going to open an etsy soon, and I told her she HAS to get a blog first! hehe  Anywho, she is a little overachiever with 3 pumpkins and a ghost!!

Next, we have Missie's pumpkin from Crafting with Cat Hair.  I totally understood her problem once she explained her blog name -- cat hair was always getting in her projects!  haha  Our cats are currently in the garage  because my hubby is allergic and we have to avoid all allergens for the next 14 weeks as he is in treatment.  :(  Anyways, Missie's pumpkin turned out super cute!

The last picture for today is Joan's pumpkin from Just Joan.  She linked up with a pumpkin from a previous CAL, but I let her do it because it adds nice variety!

Again, the pumpkin pattern is from Planet June, and Mel's ghost is from Lion Brand.  I'm not sure what pattern Joan used.

October 28: Little Bat - COMPLETED

Pattern # 301:  Little Bat

How cute is this little bat?  I would make him with black yarn, but I still think he is just adorable.  He looks very Disney to me!  Now, I really need to head to the store and pick up some safety eyes!

The link up is still active for the CAL, head on over and check out what all the pumpkins look like in our little pumpkin patch!

 Updated October 15, 2013: I wanted to finish this cute little guy before Halloween this year, and I did! It's just sitting on the entryway though. I should really put some fishing line through him and hang him. Right? So it looks like he's flying?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Pumpkin!

Here it is!  I love how this pumpkin turned out!  It is just so pumpkiny!  You can see it next to a real pumpkin and a plastic one... which one is which??  haha  This pattern was super easy and turned out incredibly cute!

And below you can see the CAL pumpkin alongside the Lion Brand pumpkin.  I much prefer the CAL one!  What do you think??

Thanks to everyone who is joining this CAL with me!

October 27: American Girl Pumpkin Costume - COMPLETED

Pattern # 300:  AG Pumpkin Costume

Wow.  I cannot believe I am at pattern number 300 already.  And I have 49 followers.  My how this little blog has grown!  I found this (and another) costume pattern back when I was searching for American Girl patterns.  I love how cute it is.  Be sure to click on the link to see all of Elizabeth's pictures.  I really need a daughter who likes dolls! haha

And, remember to link up on my Pumpkin Crochet Along for a chance to win the awesome prize.  I finished my little guy and plan to post the pictures later today, along with a picture from a reader!


Updated November 8, 2012:  I finished this little outfit a few weeks ago and I think it's darling. I just hope I have daughters who love American Girl Dolls someday!

Your doll can wear the outfit alone -- or with boots! I know they don't match, but I couldn't resist!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 26: Candy Corn Hat - COMPLETED

Pattern # 299:  Candy Corn Hat

I made this gorgeous beanie for my nephew, Austin.  It was super fast to make, and will make any newborn look like a Halloween candy! haha  I was going to make some for my etsy, but then I saw that you cannot resell these.  Oh well.  I now have lots of yarn for making candy corns and other fall items.

And of course, we need a few pics of baby Austin wearing his new hat!

My coworker says we look related in this last pic.  I dunno, but he sure is a cute!  Thanks to my Aunt Katie (that's his Grandma) for taking the pics!

Monday, October 25, 2010

October Crochet Along - Pumpkin!

It is time for our Crochet Along!  The day is finally here!  Can you tell how excited I am?  I met up with one of my friends (and a reader, at that) last Friday for coffee and pulled out my orange yarn.  "Shhh," I said, "I'm staring the crochet along a little early... I HAVE to finish this in time!"  She laughed and pulled out her 2 complete pumpkins, "I already started too," was her response!  All that being said, I am still not completely finished with my pumpkin.  Actually, I am a bit further than this picture though.  I have since gathered the bottom.  Then I realized that I left my fiberfill at home and could not finish my project on my lunchbreak, but must wait until I got home.

Have any of you finished your pumpkins?  Remember, you have to finish by Sunday, Halloween, to be considered for the prize drawing!  Once I figure it out, I will put up a Mr. Linky on this post, so you can all link to your finished project pages.  I will give you one entry in the drawing for utilizing the linky thing and linking to your post.  I will give you a second entry for leaving a comment saying who you are and how your pumpkin turned out (and if you didn't actually join us in the CAL, just say who you are and why you didn't join us!).  If you do not have a blog (ahem, Mel), please email me a picture of your pumpkin and I will post it, giving you one more entry.  So 2 chance to win - one for a comment, and one for linking up / email a picture of your pumpkin.  Contest closes Sunday at midnight.

Oh yeah, wanna know what you can win?  Well remember the pic from last week?  You still have the pattern from BGG and choice of yarn color and notecards, but I am also going to toss in a few hooks.  I just got a brand new set of Susan Bates plastic hooks from Missie (also, thanks for teaching me how to use the linky thing!) and I will share 2 of them with you.  So you get to pick any 2 hooks, between the sizes of F and K.  :)

Go ahead and comment away -- and link up :)

October 25: Roll Candy - COMPLETED

Pattern # 298:  Roll Candy

Hello lovely readers!  My apologies for this last weekend.  I was super busy and realized just last night that I had not posted any patterns since Wednesday!  I have quite a few days to play catch up on.  Mind you, I have all of the patterns for the month (and half of December - Christmas patterns are quite easy to find!) picked out and meticulously handwritten on a calendar.  In fact, I also add if I am going to be making the project for someone, and if so, I put their name down and the color.  Impressive, I know.  Anywho, yesterday was the start of Halloween week (as you will find out soon, haha).  Today's pattern is a fun one from Lion Brand.

Also, today is the start of our crochet along.  More details later in the day!


Updated 9/29/2011:  I finished up a whole bunch of candies (candy corn, pinwheel candy, this candy) in one day.  I was babysitting and the sweet girl that I watch took two naps that were two or three hours each.  This was a fun way to use up yarn.  I just wish I could think of a creative way to display them in the home...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

October 24: Pinwheel Candy - COMPLETED

Pattern # 297:  Pinwheel Candy

It's Halloween week!  I am posting candy tomorrow, which you have already seen, because I am currently backposting! haha  I love how cute these little candies are!

Oh, and before I forget.  I have exciting news!!!  I opened up my etsy shop!  I am so excited about it!  I created a page for it on facebook, but now I'm confused with all the pages and linked blogs and on and on.  I don't really know what is what anymore! haha  You can check out my etsy here, and guess what?  I made my first sale!  Thanks Lora! :)  I hope to list more items later this week!  Check me out at:


Updated 9/29/2011:  I feel so productive today as I have posted so many completed projects [roll candy, candy corn, arches square]!  Whew!  Glad to knock some things off my to do list!  Sorry for the less than stellar pictures.  It was late and my camera is like a zillon years old.  I have been having fun with picnik photo editing though. Too bad it can't take a crappy grainy pic and make it nice... at least I can use some fun text to hide it! hahaha

Saturday, October 23, 2010

October 23: Paradores Infinity Scarf

Pattern # 296:  Paradores Infinity Scarf

This gorgeous pattern is also from Caron (remember the purse on Thursday), but I love it as well!  I may or may not have spent a very long time perusing their site for other sweet patterns. ;)

Picture from Naturally Caron:

Friday, October 22, 2010

October 22: Rose Doily #804

Pattern # 295:  Rose Doily #804

This is the last of our doily patterns, for now!  I found this during my searc for doilies for my mom back in September.  How fun are the 3D roses?

Picture from Celt's Vintage Crochet:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 21: Sao Paulo Purse

Pattern # 294:  Sao Paulo Purse

I saw this pattern on Fave Crafts, I believe, and fell in love.  It is just so unique!  It would be perfect for holding my hooks, as well!  I love their color choice as well!

Picture from Naturally Caron:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 20: Barbie Pajamas

Pattern # 293:  Barbie Pajamas

Have kids who like Barbies??  This would be perfect for them!

Picture from Suzie's Stuff:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 19: Spiral Scrubby - COMPLETED

Pattern # 292:  Spiral Scrubby

This cute little scrubby is just that -- cute!  I love that it is a circle, and a spiral.  And apparently really easy! haha


Updated 11/7/2011: I made this scrubby a couple weeks back in an attempt to quickly finish a project. I made an ornament that same day so I felt super accomplished. I just wanted to get a little bit closer to finishing my goal! This scrubby is cute, and I made it Christmassy, but I'm not really sure if I will use it. Oh well. One more item off of my list of 365!

Monday, October 18, 2010

October Crochet Along

Hello lovely readers!  I am so excited to announce our first CED crochet along!  I gave you three options last week, and here is the winner:

It's the pumpkin from Planet June!  Everyone was really excited about this pattern, as well as the pinecone.  I decided that we could do the pumpkin now, and the pinecone later.  I really hope you join me in this crochet along! 

I am also going to do a little giveaway along with this CAL (you know, crochet along!).  You will win your choice of any single Big Girl Jewelry pattern.   I bet you remember seeing my finished scrubby, right?  Well those were BGJ's patterns.  Check out her etsy and have a look around.  You can choose any of her single patterns if you win!  Personally, I LOVE the Chubby Nubby scrubby.  You can also choose one of the three yarn colors below, as well as the card set.

The yarn options & a cute set of cards (they say rest a minute)
Interested?  I will post more details once I start the CAL. But you can get together your supplies. Here is what you need:
  • Pattern (you can print it out or just pull it up online)
  • Yarn - worsted weight in orange and green or brown.  I am going to use Vanna's Choice, because that is what I have leftover from making a couple pumpkin beanies.
  • Size E Crochet Hook
  • Excitement -- to join in on the fun!
I hope you join us.  Leave a note in the comments if you plan on joining.  We will start crocheting next Monday (10/24) and be finished by that Sunday (Halloween!). 

October 18: All Shawl -- COMPLETED

Pattern # 291:  All Shawl

I was going to post a pattern for a cardi today.  But then I realized I had somehow picked out a knit pattern.  Weird.  My Ravelry searching led me to this pattern.  It is GORGEOUS!  I hope you like it too!


Updated November 7, 2012: I made this shawl, but it ended up way shorter than I expected. And I don't wear shawls. I did not really think about that! Oh well, it's still beautiful!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 17: Perfect Purse

Pattern # 290:  Perfect Purse

This may be post-posted, but it is okay.  I was on the road ALL DAY yesterday!  It is good to be home, though!  This little purse would be perfect for a night on the town or something.  Can you imagine it in black?  With a sweet vintage button?  Oh yeah!

Picture from Lion Brand:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

October 16: Acorn

Pattern # 289: Acorn

I love this little acorn pattern from Lion Brand.  It is not officially part of the cornucopia series, but I think it would be a perfect addition to the set!  In the very least, it would work with the pinecones :)

Picture from Lion Brand:

Friday, October 15, 2010

October 15: Eggplant - COMPLETED

Pattern # 288:  Eggplant

Happy Friday!  Today's pattern is a pretty purple eggplant.  I still do not know what to do with them cooking wise, but they sure would look cute in our cornucopia!


Updated November 15, 2012: This is the last of the cornucopia series for me to post about. This eggplant turned out super cute.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 14: Apple - COMPLETED

Pattern # 287:  Apple

Today we have a fruit for our cornucopia -- the apple!  You are the apple of my eye. ;)  haha I crack myself up sometimes. Happy Thursday.  Thursdays are now my Fridays -- and I LOVE it!


Updated November 14, 2012: This little apple is so cute. I actually finished the whole cornucopia series over a few nights of Matt working 24s. Oh the joys of quick little projects!