Monday, June 16, 2014

What Happened to that List?

I like lists. A lot. I also like to start projects and then get distracted and not finish them. Back in 2012 I created a 2012 To Do List. Now that it's 2014. I should finally update, right.

For instance. I started this post in January (2013). It is now April ehrm June 2014 and I am just now getting around to posting it. Sigh. At least I can update it a bit! Plus side, almost everything is finished now!

Megan’s 2012 Craft List
  • Wine Cushion Chair Covers I believe these were done in January 2013
  • Two Skirts (Reversible with 2” elastic, other) - finished Reversible in January 2012, finished a few more that summer
  • Anthro Top Remake (Happy Together tutorial)
  • Hawaiian Shirt Coffee Cozies
  • Felt Ornaments
  • Sushi Kindle Cover for Mari
  • Business Card Holder made these for Christmas gifts 2012 & some for myself
  • Baby Blanket for lil Clayton - finished March 2012
  • Blankets for Door of Hope - made and shipped some, could still make more
  • Cross Stitch – Two Ornaments
  • Coggins Doily - Done and done
  • Organize Fabric / Craft Room - I did this last summer!
  • Crochet Fruit &Veggies -finished January 2012
  • Mat Photos (gallery wall) - we did this for the Fire Academy Grad May 2012
  • Etch Pyrex & Spice Jars - labels on spice jars Feb 2012, etched pyrex spring 2013
  • Patch Jeans - not sure which pair this was, but I do not have any in my craft room awaiting repairs, so I'm good!
  • Towel Rug / T-Shirt Rug -finished t-shirt rug March 2012
  • 2012 Calendar for Hallway / Matt Desk - too many calendars in the house!
  • Finish 40 31 CED projects [Octoberfest Doily Blanket, Gryffindor Beanie, Granny Beanie, Fruit & Veggies, Gingham Blanket, Pinecone, Easter Eggs, Baby Mary Janes, Chocolate Covered Cherries Afghan] Not even going to go back and count!
  • Sew a dress for myself
  • T-Shirt Braided Headband - did this last summer and last fall (I think I have four different ones now!)
  • Bleach shirt (tried March 2012, will succeed someday!)
  • Coasters for Sarah's wedding - done in June 2012
  • Scrubbies for Joy's wedding - can't remember what I made her, but it was cute!
  • Blankets for 3 new babies (whew!) - not sure who got blankets, but I think they all did!
  • Crochet SlippersApril 2012
  • Crochet Flip Flops - made some for my friend's daughter, but not for myself!
  • Ripple Blanket for us / the kittens - most definitely done. The dog bit a hole in it though. But I still use it!
  • T-Shirt Sandals (Pinterest) - Fourth of July 2012. They were... Okay.

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