Monday, June 23, 2014

Fairy Godmother (pink zebra style)

I am a proud godmother. I like to call myself the #fairygodmother because I think it is awesome. I digress. I found out that I was a godmother to be last fall. And then I found out it was going to be a girl and her room would be all things pink and zebra! So I got my hook going as fast as I could and came up with some super cute baby things for her. Her daddy is into legos, so I made a lego blanket, and I made my own design with the block layout to look zebraish. I also went a little crazy with monograms in zebra print. Now that little Audrey is here, all I want to do is hold her all day long!! First, a few pictures with our precious little goddaughter.

The Lego Blanket was a bit time consuming, since I could not add each block as I made it. But I love how it turned out!!  (Here is a link to my ravelry project page, but you will not find the pattern there. It's a video that I found on pinterest.)

The zebra hat is by far my favorite!!! I cannot wait to get pics of the little miss wearing it!! (You can find the pattern at Repeat Crafter Me, and my ravelry project here)

...and here you can see how I went just a little applique crazy. Sadly, that's not even all of it!! But how cute are the hoodies? Too stinkin cute, I tell ya!

Can you tell gift giving is my love language??


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