Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This weekend

I have really enjoyed sharing crochet progress pictures with during the week. It has inspired me to keep taking pictures of my work -- and keep working!  I wanted to share a few other pics from this weekend as well (via Instagram)...
My to do list. All crossed off (although a couple items were moved to next weekend)

Finding Matt's bible on the table in the morning makes me really happy. He sure is dedicated to be up and in the Word before he leaves for class at 5 am!

I created this shade structure for some tomato seedlings. The kittens thought it was for them. The seedlings are dead. Sigh.

Sprinkles! Need more jars, for sure!

Joining the vertical rows of the blanket at coffee with a friend (hi Mel)!
There you have it. A few glimpses of my weekend. I left out the cooking pictures, because they are all over Newly Wife. I also left out the post-run pictures because who wants to see me all sweaty with a red face? However, I would like to say that I AM GOING TO FINISH my Couch to 5k program. I only have 3 weeks left, maybe 2. I also started running with my neighbor. Also, I did a (girl) pushup with a clap in between. Holla! Lastly, has anyone seen my leggings? I run with them when it's cold and they have gone MIA. Sad days.


  1. The blanket is looking great! You've been very productive. :-)

    1. Thanks! It is actually finished how, I just need to get the pictures up!

  2. Sounds like a productive yet relaxing weekend to me! I really need to get back to crafting more often... I wouldn't dare embark on making a blanket, because it would probably take me a decade to finish at my pace.


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