Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jan 20: Gryffindor Beanie (Hogwarts) - COMPLETED

Pattern #20: Gryffindor Beanie

This pattern was created by my Ravelry friend Pren, over at Wilcox Wizard Wares. She has some awesome crochet patterns, many of which are Harry Potter related. I am excited to try this Gryffindor beanie, because it is different than the other Hogwarts beanies that I made! I bet I could get Matt to wear it if it wasn't in Hogwarts colors. haha


Updated 1/23/2012: I made this hat for our friend who is undergoing chemo. Yes, this is the third hat for her. I love the color combo. Remember it from the Granny Beanie? Anywho... Here are my pictures with it before we gave it to her. And yes, it is totally reversible!

See my awesome bandaid? I burned my arm with a cookie sheet. Blerg!


Not sure why, but Matt was getting a look!

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