Monday, October 8, 2012

Evolution of a Blanket

This blanket has been a long time coming. First, my mother in law gave me this awesome rainbow of fabric. I was not sure what I wanted to make...but then I knew a rainbow ripple was calling my name!

I started it before Christmas. Yeah. Almost 10 months ago....

It continued around the first of the year with a toast of champagne...

Then little kitten decided she would nap under it while I was crocheting...

It made it all the way to a local coffee shop for a crochet date with a friend...

It even watched some Brian Regan with other friends... all the while growing bigger and bigger.

Halvsies (the other kitten) also wanted to nap under it while I was working... how could I say no?

And now? Well, now it is finished and they can nap on top of it all night long!

And yes, I often had to put this little blanket aside to work on other projects. It did not take me 10 months of time devoted solely to this... that would be pathetic!!

Check the project page for full size photos (once I finish uploading and editing them, that is!


  1. That is beautiful! I love the color combo :)

  2. Love that blanket! That's about how long it takes me to finish a project like that so don't feel bad :-) Are you gifting it to someone or keeping it for yourself?

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm in love with it! And we're keeping the blanket. The kitties get to sleep on it! :)


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