Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fourth, Chicken, Etc.

Emily makes some amazing Instagram collages. I wish my Instagram photo dumps looked as good as hers! Okay, really she just knows how to put two photos side by side! haha I'm back with another edition of "catching up my blog in time for a NewlyWife update." Here we go!

Instagram albums. Yes please! I love them!

Matt and I roasted a chicken together... It was fun!

Matt with our friend's grandson. He will be an amazing dad someday!

I got ready for the Fourth in style this year... lots of projects.
This was my hair bow. :)

New bow for the front door. Makes me feel incredibly patriotic!

Fabric tied wreath. In love!

Turned flip flops into sandals with an old t-shirt!

Braiding a t-shirt into a headband. Note the manicure. :)

First time we put up a flag. It was awesome. Matt is awesome and finally got us a flag!

So I'm only two months behind now! haha Next update -- a wedding that I coordinated. That's right. I coordinated a wedding. It was awesome!

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