Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Apr 21: Fruit and Vegetable Basket - COMPLETED

Pattern #111: Fruit & Vegetable Basket
I love this pattern from Coats & Clark. This would keep me occupied for quite some time. And I bet it would not take that much yarn. Well, not that much of each color. But how "healthy" is this play food? Very healthy! A great way to teach kids about the value of fruits and veggies would be to have them as play food too, not just the yummy desserts!

Updated January 9, 2012: I finished this just the other day for a friend's one year old. This will be perfect for her little shopping cart! I ended up not giving her the olives -- they seem like a choking hazard! I really like how these turned out. I thought it would take forever to finish, but it only took a few weeks of working on it here and there. This project was also great for using up some scrap yarn. It did not take much at all! I just realized that the grapes look rather black -- but they are actually purple. And cute!

Oh yea, and I did not make the basket, because I did not like it. I figured it was unnecessary anyways!

Love how realistic these little fruits and veggies ended up being! Can you tell what each one is?

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