Monday, April 9, 2012

Last weekend

This past weekend went by way too fast. Matthew was in school on Saturday and I worked on Friday and it totally threw our schedule off. I did, however, make these cute little slippers. Third time was a charm -- I should have read the pattern completely first. I was supposed to be crocheting each one with two strands. Whoops!

Halvsies taking a nap in the shade!

Close up of my slippers!

New slippers and the Mentalist were a great way to end my Saturday! (ps. I love Rigsby)
Hope you have a great week!


  1. Those ARE great slippers! Did you use a different material for the bottom or just go with the accent color? They look great and comfy. ;-)
    (Are you a fan of Psych as well?)

    1. I just used a light brown yarn for the bottom. The top was two colors put together. I used two strands of yarn throughout the whole thing. Here is the pattern:

      I haven't seen Psych before, but maybe we need to start watching it!


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