Thursday, January 10, 2013


October was not full of milestones, but regular, daily life. I look back at the photos and remember certain, not necessarily related, things. For instance, the picture of Matt with the cookie butter reminds me that I was avoiding gluten, and he was actually trying to keep me from eating it! I forgot how incredibly disasterous my fabric was, because it is still nice and neat (yay for keeping it that way for four months)! And our kittens are always entertaining. That pot by the front door is their favorite place to hang out -- we are trying to figure out if there is a way to grow anything in there!

L: Grilled Brussel Sprouts with Onions  R: Matt Hoarding Cookie Butter

L: Worship at our Home Church    R: Chili for the Masses (or 50 homeless people)

L: In the Midst of Fabric Organization  R: Order to my Fabric is Wonderful

L: My Friend's Amazing Homemade Bread    R: Go A's (from Emily)

L: Cornbread Muffins & Honey Butter    R: Growing a Kitty in our Front Yard
And this, my friends, is where I stick my giant foot in my mouth. October was not a quiet month full of day-to-day routine things, it was crazy busy. And I forgot because I only put picture until the 12th in first. When I started a new post for November photos, I realized that I had missed OVER HALF of the month. Over half, people. Wow. So here is all of the rest of the crazy month. Please note that Matthew startedworking 24 hour shifts this month. It was a total change in our home, and a major adjustment. He also worked his first fire. That showed me what the rest of my life will probably be like -- total change of plans (we were supposed to go on a double date), but in a good way (I brought a friend along and was super excited for him as he had the opportunity to do what he trained so hard for). I'm proud of him. So very proud.
L: Colorful Peppers from the Garden   R: Happy to Have Him Back After the Fire
L: Lemon Rosemary Salmon   R: Homemade Bunting for B's Shower

L: M & B at her Shower   R: Thank You Cards

L: Crazy Squares Blanket     R: Skweaks Loves the Ripple Blanket

L: Pumpkin Carving     R: An 80's Girl for Halloween

L: Matt's Grandpa Won the Costume Contest   R: Hair! Whoa!


The last picture is Matt with our family friends at the station. We went to the station at the end of Halloween for a tour, Matt was working a 24. They had a blast, and I was super excited to show off my hubby! Whew. Glad that month is behind us -- November and December are just as crazy. Good think January is shaping up to be slow.


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