Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hayden + Caitlin Forever

First, I have to admit I stole this post title from my friend Lauriana, a featured photographer on the knot (and she won an award there, but I cannot find the link)! Oh yeah, and you may find random pictures of me on her site -- I've modeled for her before! ;) Anywho, she always titles her weddings Bride + Groom (names) Forever. And I just love it. If you remember, their engagement was in August, their shower was in November, and we were delighed to take part in their December wedding.
This photo is by Lauriana, the rest were taken by me. It's quite obvious. :)
Caitlin had a fun bachelorette party -- lingerie shower and ice skating. It has been years since I skated and I had a blast. I also enjoyed meeting some of her friend's and Hayden's family.

Saturday was filled with the rehearsal and some last minute preparations in the hotel room.

The big day was a bit overcast, but thankfully the rain stayed away until after the ceremony. Whew! Caitlin was beautiful, Hayden handsome, and the rest of of ladies and gents had a blast!


Oh, and this last picture is a Lauriana as well.. see my handsome hubby on the left... ;)


  1. Nice blog, Megan. All pictures of Caity and Jen should come with audio. :)

  2. More great pics Megan. What a gorgeous wedding. Looks like everyone had fun. Where was the wedding.



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