Tuesday, January 29, 2013

December 2012

The last month of 2012. The world did not end (remember how that was supposed to happen?). This month was just as crazy as November, if not more so. We got a puppy (don't worry, she will have a whole post devotred to her), Matt's little sis got married (another whole post) and we celebrated Christmas in both Nor Cal and So Cal. I was also operating on little sleep as our little pup didn't like sleeping through the night -- thankfully those days are past us! Now little Kai is sleeping through the night and not whining until she hears us up and about -- she wants to be around us all the time. It's cute.

Watching our Hometown Christmas Parade (my first time)

Matt Learned to Face Paint for a Fire Event.

L:Stamps   R:Shaun Groves Posted This #Christmasalbumthatshouldhavebeen

L: Cold?     R: Christmas Togetherness Activities

Fresh & Easy Holiday Party with My Girl Caity

L: Cheers to Butternut Squash Soup Shooters  R: Winning!

L: Bright & Lovely Table Runner   R: Chocolate Christmas Homes

At the Family Christmas party

A Glimpse of Our Christmas Cards (and of course I do a letter)!

L: Homemade Ornaments from Years Past    R: My Christmas Quilt

Gifts from My Sis in Law. Love them!

Matthew Working at Holiday Events for His Station

L: Messy Hair       R: Shopping!

L: Dad's Lattes. So Good!     R: New Matching Jackets!

San Francisco. My City by The Bay.
Fun with Friends at the Musee Mechanique

Finally got to American Cupcake for a Cupcake + Wine Flight!

L: Chicken & Waffles Night     R: Family Hike at Lake Chabot

L: New Sweats. LOVE      R: Matt's Christmas Gift Arrived...
Christmas Eve with Good Friends
L: Christmas Cookies (all Made Christmas Eve)  R: We Three Kings...

Matt Distributed Gifts at the Station on Christmas Eve

L: Pastrami Dog @ Manhattan Deli    R: Wine Bar with My Parents

Wine Tasting in Temecula with Both Set of Parents 

Happy New Year!!

We Roasted a Turkey and I Made Gravy. Boom
Just looking at that gravy makes me hungry. It was so tasty! To all who stuck with me through the photo overload, thank you! I'm going to try and get some crochet project pictures and links up soon. I swear I have been crocheting!


  1. Another batch of great pics Megan. I love seeing them.


  2. Where are the pictures of the puppy?!?!?! LOL

    Love your Christmas quilt too - it's always something on my to do list to have for the next year that never seems to happen!


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