Wednesday, January 9, 2013


January is the month for catching up blogs and getting re-energized, right? Well, that's what my plan is. I'm going to get caught up and start the year off right. Looking back at these pictures has reminded me of all of the goodness that happened in September. Matt started his job at the Fire Station (has it really been five months already?!), we finished the tile in our bathroom (I LOVE my tub!!), my parents came to visit for Oktoberfest (always fun), and our little garden produced tasty produce.

L: Crocheting a blanket   R: Cat in a Carrier

L: Berry Picking near our Home    R: Fresh Blackberry Pie

L: Variety of creativity in our home    R: Fall tablescape

L: Excited for Fall @ World Market     R: Matt picked up his new gear

L: Matthew's first day @ the Station    R: Grouting the guest bathroom

L: Baby blanket for another friend    R: COMPLETED bathroom tile!!

L: Creating baby shower invites for a friend    R: Good hair day (heh)

Oktoberfest with my parents!

Fresh Sage and Tomatoes from my garden!

L: Invisible Children Screening   R: Skweaks sleeps with a tiny pillow

L: Cat sleeping in drawer    R: New fur vest from clothing swap
It's been so much fun going back through 

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  1. Great photos Megan. Love the one with furbaby sleeping on the pillow.



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