Monday, January 21, 2013

November 2012

November. This month was busy. We had a bridal shower, a trip to Mexico, and a trip to the Bay Area for Thanksgiving. Not to mention, someone (not me) turned 30! A few of those events will be in different posts, but here are the rest of the pictures...

A picture of five with four photobombers. haha
This is at Caitlin & Hayden's Bridal Shower.

L: Matt made me a Pumpkin Spice Latte      R: Me & Jen

Decorations for the Bridal Shower

L: Fall Wreath     R: I miss my City by the Bay!

L: Lots of Scrap Yarn in a Project Bin    R: A Kitty Snuck on my Bed!

L: Pretzel Crusted Chicken with Cheddar Sauce  R: Crocheted Roses

L: Experimenting with Pin Curls    R: Head Wrap to Keep them Pinned

L: Pin Curl Success!       R: 30th Birthday Ice Cream!

L: 30th Birthday Cake       R: Birthday Sushi with the Family

L: Genuine Birthday Smile!   R: Homemade (and Tasty!) Sauerkraut

L: Day Date to Oak Glen   R: Matthew & I

L: Sock Bun    R: Homemade Pinata! Bam!

L: Burlap Lingerie Bags. Love.   R: Matt & Randy Making Flowers

L: Hot Glueing is Dangerous!   R: Lots of Coffee Filter Flowers
As I write this (It's Wednesday and I'm preposting), we are dealing with the loss of Matt's grandpa. He was 93 and lived a long life. It's fun to look back at the pictures and remember some of the fun times with him. For instance, he came to the sushi dinner and told us his story (again!) about how he learned to use chopsticks when he was overseas. They made him transfer peas from one bowl to another until he had it down! I'm glad we are able to look back on the good times with him. But also, we know where he is now. A good friend visited him a few weeks ago and prayed with him. He asked Grandpa about his faith and he said "well way back on a cool day in 1934, the Lord met me in my car. I felt His presence and I was saved." There's more to the story, but it is so reassuring to know where he went. In fact, maybe he met my grandpa up there too! Hopefully they are sharing good stories about me! ;)

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