Monday, January 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012

I was so excited that we got to venture to the Bay Area for Thanksgiving this year. We were worried that Matt would have to work, but luckily he did not. Since the WHOLE family was in town, we took some great pictures with all the kids and grandkids!

My immediate family with my grandma and without.

The WHOLE dang family. So rare to have usall together!

L: Mama with all her Grandkids       R: Emily & I

L: Aren't we just the cutest ;)      R: The Cousins, again
L: Me & My Mom. See the Resemblence?     R: Chatting

L: Cousins Goofing Off     R: I LOVE my Boots!

we also had fun doing everythinge else...

L: Curling my Hair       R: Table Setting (by My Mom)

L: The Family that Cooks Together...   R: My Contributions

My Dad Barbecued the Turkey. So Good!

Dinner & Drinks!

L: Group Picture!  R: Toast to my Papa (Red Breast Irish Whiskey)

L: Cheers!    R: Cocktail Hour at My Parent's Place

I made Pomogranite Margaritas.Quite Tasty!

L: Chili & Cornbread    R: My Attire for a 4 am Departure!
I love seeing my family. I'm so ready to go back. Especially since my parents just got a new puppy! Do you have a big family? Do you love it? Our family is pretty big on both sides -- and I LOVE it!

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