Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Ready to know who won those aprons? And no one was interested in the dvds, so garage sale it is..

But my random number picker (using the gchat function of hey you -- a number between 1 and 40, quick) chose 7.  But Jolin Country already won last week.  So I said okay 2 more -- 3 and 5.  Oh hey we now have 3 winners, because I am going to be nice and give one to Dea (Jolin Country) anyways.  :)  So now Sara and Megan are also apron winners.   Check out all of their blogs, because each one of these ladies has a totally cute site.  And tell them I sent you over to say hi!

Ladies, please email me your top 3 choices.  I will send you the closest to your top choice by whomever emails me first. 

And everyone be sure to check out Newly Wife today for another giveaway (and there are at least 2 more giveaways)

If they do not get back to me in a week, I may chose another winner.


  1. Woohoo!! A girl can never have too many aprons...especially if they're free and made with love by one's namesake! My top three would be: 1-veggies, 2-are they herbs? Can't really tell from the photo but I'm sure I like them, 3- the stripey one. Thanks so much for having this fun giveaway!

  2. Wow, I can't say thank you enough! Mine is beautiful!


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