Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 29: Adirondack Cap - COMPLETED

Pattern # 241:  Adirondack Cap

This is another pattern from my friend Laura over at Lala a Mountain Mama.  She is just the sweetest things ever with super cute patterns.  I love that she offers a few for free as well.  She created this pattern a few months ago and I thought it was adorable.  Go check it out, and the rest of her fun site as well!


Updated April 12, 2013: This hat is cute and apparently makes me look goofy -- you should have seen my attempts to get this picture. Let's just say it's (obviously) a self portrait with my giant posted board as the background. I had to sit on the floor by the coffee table and get the angle just right and... well let's just say that the uncropped version is hysterical! Anywho, I do love the fun edge of this hat!

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