Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 18: Hat Box Foundation & Deeply Textured Hat - COMPLETED

Today's charity is Hat Box Foundation.  One of my dear friends, and also a blog reader, Melody told me about it.  She makes gorgeous hats and then sends them to this charity.  What she loves about the organization is that they put the hats in gorgeous boxes before they send them to the children.  I plan to make a few hats and then send them with Melanie's next hat shipment.

Pattern #230:  Deeply Textured Hat

I just found this pattern on ravelry and I think it is incredibly wonderful.  Wouldn't it be perfect for donating to the Hat Box Foundation?


Updated 5/3/2011:  I finished this hat, but I still need to get pictures.  I will be selling it at my Craft Fair in a few weeks.  However, Matt really really likes this hat.  He will definitely be getting one for Christmas!   I used Vanna's Choice in Grass, I believe.  The other was made with Red Heart Fiesta.

5/17/2011:  I finally got those pictures taken.  I actually have made two hats with this pattern.  Well, mostly.  For the lighter, more feminine hat I did the brim from another (basically sc around in the back stitch, so the front stitch part makes the line).  Very cute. Here are the two.

And yes, I did take this picture at about 10 pm in my craft room.  You should see the shots that ended up on the editing room floor... haha


  1. Of all the patterns you posted this week, this one is my favorite (but I haven't seen Saturday's yet). Thank you for the collection of worthy charities. When the local women's shelter gets sick of seeing me, I have plenty of other places to go thanks to you.

  2. Thanks Laurie! I hope you can send stuff to these charities too! I just love giving back with my crocheting! And I don't think the local woman's shelter could ever get sick of seeing you!


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