Monday, August 2, 2010

Charity Crochet Groups

Hi readers!  Right now is when I really need you to get involved.  I am doing a charity link-up in a few weeks, but only have a few groups so far (Warm Up America, Santa Claus Inc., Hat Box Foundation).  What I need from you is the name of any knit or crochet charity that you support.  It can be by donating items or monetarily or just by spreading the word.  I will be posting about a new group every day for a week or so.  Please help me out and share the love!


Ps.  I know, it's been a long day of posts over here, but just bear with me :)


  1. Hi Meg,
    I Crochet for a charity group called God's Tiny Angels. Have been a member since November 2007. Our group crafts handmade items for needy babies to donate to hospitals across the nation. It is a wondeful group of people who are very commited to our cause. We even have one man who crochets the most beautiful items for the babies!
    The link for the website is:
    Please feel free to check it out. I think it would be a good charity for you to post about :)
    And, there are many awesome pattrens for baby items on the website!
    Susie Martin

  2. I'm late to the party, as usual, but I've figured out what to do with the many afghans I make and end up stashing in closets, bags, and drawers. I happened upon them on Ravelry:


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