Saturday, August 7, 2010

August 7: Lemon Drop Dress

Pattern # 219: Lemon Drop Dress

This dress really does remind me of a bright summer day.  You would definitely need to pair it with an undershirt or onesie, but it is still super cute!

Picture from Naturally Caron:


  1. You make really cute things!! This dress is adorable!!

  2. Okay, so my 20 month old niece loves to help Auntie look at "pretties" to make. She was sitting on my lap earlier when I popped into see what you had posted today and she said "pretty." I asked, "Do you want auntie to make you a dress?" She said, "No. No dress." That girl is definitely a tomboy. What do you expect from a Sagittarius with two older brothers, right?

    Of course the secret is I'll probably make it anyway because who can resist that yarn?

  3. That's adorable! Besides fawning over the dress, I wanted to let you know that the apron arrived in the mail yesterday - so fun! You can bet I'll be blogging about it soon...I gotta brag about my good fortune!


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