Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 31: Ruffle Bangle Bracelet - COMPLETE

Pattern # 243: Ruffle Bangle Bracelet 

Pren is a sweet girl that I found somewhere on the blogosphere.  I have been reading her blog for quite some time.  And now I cannot really remember how I found it, maybe in a Harry Potter search or something. But yeah, anywho, she made these cute bracelets and I thought I would share her tutorial with you.

Updated 7/13/2011:  I finished this bracelet in about 15 minutes. Sadly, the "bangle" part underneath was too big.  However, Matt gave it to me (he saved it from something) so I wanted to try and use it!  It is still cute, just not my size! Here's my iphone pic:


  1. You are welcome! I would love to see a picture if you make it!

  2. darn! it didnt post. ill try again. thanks for sharing my pattern :0) also i have the same skinny wrists problem, try getting your bracelets int he kids section or at claires which is sized for the preteen set. if you make one around an 80's jelly bracelet it should work too if you use thinner yarn.

    rawr. google wont let me sign in so ill try this annonymously. ha! this is pren btw :0)

  3. Thanks for trying so hard to post the comment! And good idea with the jelly bracelet!


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