Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 15: Santa Claus Inc & Summer Splendor Doily - COMPLETED

Today's charity is Santa Claus Incorporated, which is actually a local charity to the San Bernardino area.  They give gifts to children in the area that would otherwise not receive gifts.  They ask you to sew, knit, crochet, or create wooden toys as gifts for children.  One of the things that they give is doll beds, so a blanket would be perfect to go with it.  This is something that I can easily crochet.  They also take crocheted (or sewn or knitted) clothing for 4" or 11" dolls.  They also take crocheted clothing & blankets for babies and children.


This was originally a giant granny blanket, but I already made that on March 22 (not realizing it was the same type of pattern). I am changing this pattern to the Summer Splendor Doily, and I plan on making a baby blanket with the pattern. Picture to come once finished!


Updated April 29, 2012: I finished the doily blanket in just a few days and I LOVE it! I used one strand of pound of love (I think) and another strand of Sensations. Doily patterns make such awesome blankets!

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