Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22: Tom Turkey -- COMPLETED

Pattern # 326:  Tom Turkey

What does your Thanksgiving table need?  A turkey!  Well, either a tasty one, or a sweet crocheted one for your guests to admire!


Updated November 15, 2012: This turkey did not take very long to finish at all. I always assume projects with arms and legs will take forever, but they do not! I actually crocheted this one together as I went (meaning I crocheted the wing, arms, feathers, etc first and then attached as I crocheted the body). This was my second time using this technique, and I was not really following any instructions -- so I was pretty jazzed when it worked out so well!


  1. He'd look adorable surrounded by pumpkins from the crochet along....or sitting next to that cornucopia!

  2. I LOVE his little drumstick legs . . how cute.

    I shall have to add this to my patte4rnd for cat-nip toys . . he would be adorable to sell at the SPCA in November.

    Hum . . . wonder how many I can make before Thanksgiving . . LOLOL

  3. Ah-HA . . .now I see I'm a follower . . but it's the facebook pix, not the blogger pix that shows. Glad I figured it out.

  4. Laurie - he would be cute with the pumpkins around him!

    Paula - it seems like a lot of work to make many of these, but it would definitely be worth it!

    Kimmy - I thought so too!


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