Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 2: Candy Corn Cat Sweater - COMPLETED

Pattern # 305:  Candy Corn Cat Sweater

This came up during my search for all things candy corn / Halloween and made me giggle.  At first I was like - oh heck no I will never make this.  Then I thought, you know, my cat might actually wear this.  She (well the girl at least) like small places, so she might like clothes! hahahaha

Wonder what Matt will do if I ever try to put this on her??


Updated 9/20/11:  Answer: Matt will laugh at me and ask why I tried putting this candy corn costume on the cat!  haha  Skweaks was definitely confused, and did not like the sweater. 

I am pretty sure I will take this apart, now that I have pictures.  I know that I will never put it on her again (it's a bit small and she hated it).  However, it was fun to make!  I think I will turn it into some candy corn!


  1. WOW! I thought I was the only person with a female cat named Matt . . well, it's Matthew to go along with her sister Marcus.

    Marcus was named 1st . . she has an almost question mark on her head, thus Marcus . . and, I thought to myself, biblically every Mark needs a Matthew, so her black & white sibling (Marcus is a b & w too) got her name 2nd.i!"

    So my Matthew says "HI!" to your Matt.

    \0/ paula

  2. Paula -- Matt is actually my husband's name! haha Sorry for the confusion. But the girl cats name was originally Michael - because we thought she was a boy! We changed her name to Skweaks when we found out she was a girl (because she squeaks instead of meows haha), but I still call her Michael sometimes. So you can say hi to my girl cat Michael from Matthew! haha Oh yeah, and she is black and white too! Once I make the sweater, I will get a pic up!

    but what is funny -- my Matthew is named Matthew from the Bible, and his mom makes everyone call him Matthew & not Matt!


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