Saturday, November 20, 2010

just a quick hello

Happy Saturday!  I just wanted to throw a big hello to all of the new followers.  I see you in the comments, and I'm slowly making my way to your blogs!  So glad to have you all here!  Not much else to say, but welcome and I am glad you are here.

And here is a cute picture of one of my 2 cats.  She's just a sweetheart!   She was upset because she got stuck outside.  I kept hearing her little meow behind me as I was working in the front room!  haha


  1. I hope you let her in! She is a beautiful cat, Megan.

  2. She could be a sister to our Matthew and Marcus . .. . who are also girls. regardless of their names . . which is a LONG story.


  3. Clara - how can you deny a face like that? haha

    Paula - I remember that story!! Because her name is Michael (well now we call her Skweaks)!!


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