Friday, November 19, 2010

November 19: Snowflake Earrings - COMPLETED

Pattern # 323:  Snowflake Earrings

This pattern is another one from Yellow, Pink, and Sparkly, which is in my google reader.  I just love how cute these earrings are.  They are a bit big for me though, so I may try to make them with smaller crochet thread or a smaller hook!


Updated June 10, 2014: I wasn't sure I would ever wear these as earrings. However, when I was looking for a pattern for an embellishment on a scarf, I knew this was just the fit. I used two strands of sock weight yarn and a really big hook (of course I can't remember now what size) to make the embellishment. It was PERFECT! I wrapped it around the back and sewed it on. Now I'm just sad that I didn't think to take a pic of the back. It is super cute though!


  1. The theme for our Dec. 20 wedding was Snowflakes and snowmen, snow bears, etc. We ended up with a booklet for the invitation, 2 pieces of paper folded in half.

    We also had a booklet at each seat at the reception similar in size to let peop-le know why we had done what we did . . AND, on the back we asked them to please take any of the decorations they wanted . .we were tired of seeing them...(only had 1 tables worth of decorations out of 20 tables was left so they helped the mselves.)

    Anyway, our invitations, reception booklet and wedding program had a snow couple with the words, "In the meadow we can build a snowman, and pretend that he is Parson Brown."

    Both the invitation and reception booklets had holes punched on the side and ribbons tied through them. I decided I decided I needed snowflakes to hang on the ribbons so I got out my cotton thread, hook and small needle . . threaded TONS of beads on the thread so I could make THESE snowflakes. They were SO CUTE! I ended up with enough extra that I made a garland for our Christmas Tree.

    I just had to share thaat when I saw the snow flakes . . .a great memory of almost 100 (+/-) snow flakes.

    Oh. I forgot . . .I also made full sized crochet snowflakes to hang over all of the doors.

  2. how sweet! what a precious memory of snowflakes and your winter wedding! Thanks for sharing!


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