Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jan 3: Basketweave Scarf (Scarf Week) - COMPLETED

Pattern #3: Basketweave Scarf.

I have decided to organize this project by week, usually a type of pattern per week. This should keep things more simple for me, and narrow down the pattern options for a given day. This first week is scarf week.

Now I am kinda cheating with this one, because I have already made this scarf. But it's so gorgeous that I thought I would showcase it here :) I will probably make another one by the time 2013 is here! And I just finished it in December 2009. So it's super close to counting for this project!

Now, as I finish each project, I will trade out the prototype pictures and replace with mine. Here are mine:

The scarf went to Lisa and the beanie went to Colette. It was supposed to be a matching set, but the beanie is rather small. And I have a tiny head for people my age. I also have a tendency to crochet beanies on the smaller side as well. I need to re-crochet about 2 beanies from this Christmas, 3 if you count Camille's!


  1. you should have kept them! they look nice on you!

  2. Oh trust me - I wanted to! hahaha maybe I will make a second one for myself!

  3. Hi,
    I was never clear that you established a project site like this. As Lisa would probably tell me, there's a link on Megan's FB page. I love crochetting.


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