Monday, January 25, 2010

Jan 25: Headband (Winter) - COMPLETED

Pattern #25: Headband

This is pattern #2 in Winter Week, and inspired by Emily, my Newlywife partner. Christine made her a beautiful knit one for Christmas & I loved it and wanted to make one myself. I'm sure I could have knit it, but my knitting is wretched, so I found a way to crochet it. I made this first one with a mixed color yarn. However, I may make another one in a solid color and add a pattern #2 rosette to embellish this. This black and white one matches my rain / snow jacket perfectly, and I love it! Simple and very cute. I finished it on January 12th, it took about an hour, maybe 2.

Here are the pictures that I have, for now. I will try to get my wonderful hubby to take some better pictures later!

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