Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jan 14: Divine Hat (Hat Week) - COMPLETED

Pattern #14: Divine Hat

This is another pattern that I found through Ravelry. I love how different it is from the standard double crochet beanie. The author is Rheatheylia and I love what she does. I am going to use a few of her patterns here.

Occasionally, I will not have to post the author's picture, because I will have already completed the project. This is definitely the case here. I started this beanie right around the first of the year and finished it on the 8th. I really like how it turned out. Now do I keep it or give it away or sell it on etsy? Also, I need to get my wonderful hubby to take some pics for me - these were with my phone!


  1. this etsy thing you found is really cool.
    You did a really nice job on this beanie too. I am impressed.

  2. haha yeah etsy is AWESOME! I love it!

    and thanks!

  3. KEEP IT!!!! I Love it, great job Megan~

  4. Megan~I knew I had seen it somewhere! I altered the bottom from the original pattern, but I LOVE YOURS, like I said earlier!


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