Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jan 13: Durango + Robin's Egg Blue - COMPLETED

Pattern #13: Durango & Robin's Egg Blue

This is a pattern that I found a few months back (on a blog,,and then recently on Ravelry - in fact, Jenni is the one who introduced me to Ravelry - I really need to thank her for that!) and have been wanting to try out. Well that's not true, I tried it, but I stitched a bit too tight and there is now way it would fit me... so I unraveled it. hahaha My goal is to make this correctly. How cute is this hat?


Updated 2/14/2011: I finished the hat and made a second one the next day!  It was much easier than I originally thought.  I must have used a better hook size or something!  I made a green one (with Vanna's Choice yarn) for myself and a bright pink one (with some yarn that I found for $2 at Michaels who's name I cannot remember) for my good friend Jen.  So happy with how they turned out!  [And yes, I took these pictures real quick the night I finished them as well haha]

I love the buttons!  So fun!



  1. i like this one alot, make this for me and i will pay you- no etsy fee!

  2. I like this hat! :)this is jenna clayton


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