Thursday, March 3, 2011

Iron Craft Challenges 8 and 9

I got a little behind with the Iron Craft challenges, but I am all caught up now!  Part of the problem is that I did not have time to do what  I really wanted for the hometown challenge.  My hometown is all about oranges, I think we were the first exporter of oranges from California, or the largest, back in the day.  It was on Jeopardy last week.  Anywho, I wanted to make a shirt with an old crate label on it.  Or a shirt the said "Left my heart in San Francisco" with a heart cut out of California where San Fran is (I'm originally from the Bay).  But I didn't have time to do all that.  So last night I came up with the second best option....

Challenge #8:  Hometown

I used the pattern from the Fruit & Vegetable basket from Coat and Clark [April 21].  That makes me a little further along in crocheting up all the things on the calendar.  Now I just need to finish the rest of the fruits and vegetables for that basket! haha

Challenge #9: And the Oscar Goes to

Harry Potter!  It was going to be Twilight, but the Every Flavor Beans [Jan 17] just seemed so much more fun!  Can you see the vomit flavored one?  How about blueberry pie?  And way faster than the Tent Scene beanie.  I did start the beanie though!

Don't those look delicious??  How did I end up with two food items for these two challenges?  Must have food on the brain!  Oh yeah, and food is small and easy (yes i started and finished both of these projects last night!

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