Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gettin Cozy

Matt and I were at a local coffee shop (it's so rare for him to join me -- it was definitely a special treat!) and he said I should sell my sewn coffee cozies there.  This inspired me to bust out the sewing machine this weekend and get going.  I created my own pattern and template so that I could make these quickly.  I think I finally got the design perfected!

Matt suggested ones without buttons (lobster and denim above), but I took it to mean "put in a snap."  He as saying I should just make a continuous circle, but I just cannot figure out how to do that.  Oh well. Buttons it is.  Guess I'm limiting my audience to ladies!

 Here are some closeups.  This travel one below was inspired by my sis in South Korea!

And school, inspired by a few schoolteacher friends (Sarah, Jess, etc)

You can see the little sticker that I added as packaging.  Hopefully I will have a logo soon, and use that as the back sticker, with a price.  I was totally inspired by Gussy's post on packaging!

What do you think? Will they sell at the local coffee shop? And do you think I should try selling them on my etsy?


  1. Go for both!!! Coffee shop & Etsy. Why limit yourself! :D :D and good luck!

  2. Thanks girls! And you are right -- list them on both! No reason to limit myself!!

  3. Totally a great idea, Matt!! And I would bet your audience would be to ladies anyway, so no worries about the buttons. ;) These are SO so cute & I'm so proud of you for making your own template & everything!

    You go, girl!!


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