Thursday, March 31, 2011

Doilies & Downton

I'm still working on doilies.  It looks like it will be this way for awhile.  At least those projects are easy to take on the road! haha

That's the most recent start: Pierrot Table Set.  I am a little mad at myself for reading 14 cm as 14 inches.  The set is WAAAYY smaller than I thought!  I bought larger thread (size 3) and am going to see what the changes.  Otherwise, I may just try getting creative with the little motifs (by make a lot lot more).

Last weekend, Matt was in Mexico and I borrowed a FANTASTIC set of dvds from a friend.  Downton Abbey.  She loves British flicks (as do I) and knew I would love this tv miniseries.   It is truly delightful.  I watched 4 episodes in one day!  I can't wait to finish... and get the next set (once it's on dvd)!

image from Amazon
Guess what's on my amazon list now? haha  What are you all crocheting?  Any sewing going on?  I'm happy to say I figured out how to make a seamless coffee cozy.  Wooo hooo!  Now I just need to get motivated to get back into the sewing room and make a bunch for my etsy and local shops!


  1. Our local PBS station caries Masterpiece Classics and Downton Abby was on this past winter . . . looks like it is still winter outside even though the calendar says spring :0{

    If your friend haas the British Series "Larkrise to Candleford" you need to borrow it. I think it is my favorite of all . . . and then there is their "Monarch of the Glen", I believe the name is.

    Oh, and lets not forget "Mulberry." If you can find all of these, you will be in British Series TV Heaven!

  2. Wow--that doily looks quite intricate!

  3. thanks Paula! I will definitely check those out! And the doily is actually a pretty easy pattern!


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