Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SpiderWeb Doily & Blocking

Last week I talked a little about blocking.  Blocking is something relatively new to me.  Well, it seems new but I guess I have been blocking for almost a year now! haha  I love the way that a weird oddly shaped thing can turn into something beautiful with a few pins and some water!  This project is September 23:  Spiderweb Doily.

This is the original doily:

Now it's time to block it!  I start by pinning down one point.  You can see that I use straight pins without a plastic top.  You don't want to have plastic that can burn under heat of an iron, when you block doilies.  Then I pull the exact opposite point as far away as I can, and pin down.  Then I will go to the points between the two blocked points and pin those down, stretching again.  I keep doing this until all the points are equally stretched out.  Then you spray with water and let dry.  Since these are doilys, I usually just iron it and then spray starch on and iron again.  This keeps them nice and stiff!

And the finished product:

So happy with is, as is my friend who bought it!


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