Friday, March 18, 2011


A few weeks ago, I was asked to crochet a bunch of doilies for a friend.  This is a huge paid order for me, so I'm pretty excited.  I'm also trying to stay motivated and just get them done!  I started with the two tiny doilies, they are only 4 inches across, but I love em!  Three of the doilies are for her daughter, and those are the purple variagated thread, but the rest are white.  Here are three recently finished doilies...

This first picture is to show what a difference blocking and starching make.  The doily on the left is blocked and starched.  The one on the right is not.  Once I block it (basically stretch it into the exact shape it should be with pins) and starch (ironing with starch) they will be identical.  So fun!  The pattern is Tea Time by Denise Augostine.

You find more about the easy doily and other completed projects in the completed projects page,  on top.  :)


  1. those are really nice. I love the variegated yarn.

  2. Love em. I've got a love fest going on with doilies lately too. Anything thread really.

  3. They look great! I really like the thread. =)


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